Gobber Assault is a game I made for the Boing Boing Games Inspired By Music competition. I ended up forgetting about the contest until a few days before the deadline, so I quickly put this together over three days, instead of the three weeks I would have had were I not so scatterbrained. It features the chiptune "Gobber Groove" from Disasterpeace's free album Neutralite, and artwork by Oddball and Oryx.

Download the Mac version here.

Download the Windows version here. If it crashes when you try to run it, you may need to run it as administrator.

If you're on Linux, or the above versions don't work for you, download version 0.6.2 of the LÖVE engine, then download the .love file and run it with the aforementioned engine. You can view the readme here, but it's also included with the two ZIP files above.